Apple Computer Sales and Support

More and more people are discovering the joys of using Macintosh computers. As a dedicated Mac user since 1989, and as a former Apple Authorized Business Agent, I have the know-how to get the best performance from your current Mac. And when the time is right, I can assist you in buying a new one.

Here’s how I can help:

  • Upgrading your existing equipment. Macs are a solidly-built product, and upgrading them for better performance is a smart way to go. Installing extra memory, adding a larger hard drive, upgrading the processor, and updating the operating system can all make your Mac run faster.
  • Troubleshooting. Even the best computers need TLC, and I have extensive experience in choosing the least intrusive and least expensive repair options.
  • Purchasing assistance. Choosing a new computer can be difficult and intimidating, and that's why getting help makes sense! Key factors such as choosing the right model, getting enough memory, and considering refurbished units lead to money saved and happier Mac users.
  • Wireless networks. Get the most out of your laptop – there's nothing like having the convenience of Wi-Fi throughout your home.
  • Windows integration. Take advantage of the cross-platform support of the new Intel Macs! I am happy to assist with Windows installs – from Boot Camp, which boots your Mac as a true PC, to VMWare Fusion, which enables your Mac to run Windows applications from within Mac OS X.

Need to purchase gear? Please click on the link below for direct access to my Apple Store. Businesses and individual retail customers are welcome, or if you need personal assistance, give me a ring at 707-824-1789. Happy shopping, and enjoy your Mac!